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Any Business  |  Any Budget

Stillwater Interior Concepts is a licensed and insured manufacturer of custom laminate commercial casework. With over thirty years experience, we are masters of our craft when it comes to building custom office cabinets for for our fellow South Florida businesses. We are pleased to offer our services to both General Contracting firms and private clients in the following industries:

typical exam room.jpeg


Private Medical Practice



Image by Charles Deluvio

General Business




Image by Adam Winger

Wellness Centers & Spas


Barber Shops


Modern Employee Lounge Break Room StillwaterIcon

Office Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of a home, so it only makes sense that office kitchens are currently trending in the commercial design space as well. Also known as a coffee kitchen, these cozy rooms serve as a great space for your employees to take a quick break and refocus.

Conference Rooms

A modern and well-appointed conference room conveys a certain level of success. Meeting with your clients in a private space allows them to relax and confide in you.

Stillwater icon conference room.jpeg
Stillwater icon modern gray work station.jpeg

Work Stations

Want to know an easy way to attract and retain good employees? Give them a space to work in that they will love. Maximize your usable space by carefully planning a custom layout built around your floor plan and needs as a company. 

Reception Desks

Your company's brand starts in the reception area. Deciding on how to outfit your reception desk is critical when it comes to making the correct first impression. 

Stillwater icon reception desk.jpeg
Stillwater icon bream room 2.jpeg

Break Rooms

Your investment in your break room is a direct reflection of your investment in your employees.  Show appreciation to your most valuable business assets by giving them a great place to break.

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